Sailing Vacations In The Caribbean

By Owen Jones

There are plenty of destinations for people interested in sailing and if you are tired of the Virgin Islands then try the rest of the Caribbean.

The Caribbean islands are part of an island chain stretching 2,500 miles. Given the enormous distance, it is no surprise that tourists spend weeks out there in order to enjoy the splendour that it has to offer.

Just like in the Virgin Islands, there are lots of charter companies you can go to. for various hobbies. These companies come in different sizes, but perhaps the best is the yacht charter.

When you charter a yacht, apart from the yacht, the other elements and benefits that come with it are meals, separate guest rooms, a galley, toilet and shower.

Since you are the paying guest aboard the boat, you can customize the menu by telling the cook before the trip what you want to eat. You can help out by buying the provisions yourself, having someone from the crew do it for an additional fee or select a set menu from one of their pre-composed packages.

Since most of the islands in the Caribbean are small and uninhabited, you are certain to see places that not many have seen. But if you can't afford to rent a chartered yacht, don't worry because you can probably get one that will cost as little as $50 if you are able to book a pre-arranged trip with several other guests to share the bill.

One thing you have to be prepared for during you sailing holiday is the likelihood of a hurricane. These normally occurs during the months from June to November. If you are not sure that this is the best time, book the trip on another date.

But if you are adamant about going on your dates, there are some online tools you can utilize to check if the area you will be sailing in has ever been hit by a storm before.

The other option is to plan your itinerary to the Caribbean islands further south because they are less likely to be affected by a storm. These places include the islands of Aruba, Barbados, Bonaire, Curacao, and Turks and Caicos.

If you like the idea of going sailing around the Caribbean there are plenty of opportunities. You could do a lot worse than start in St Croix in the US Virgin Islands and travel south or west. If you start in St Croix, which the pirates of old used to call Santa Cruz, you will not have to have a passpert and can take your pets with you, but you will need more ID if you call into foreign islands. - 31819

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U.S. Virgin Islands - Why Cruz Bay Is Worth Visiting

By Mark Walters

Cruz Bay has a distinctive atmosphere that sets it apart from anywhere else in the U.S. Virgin Islands, which is a perfect combination of West Indian tradition and contemporary attitudes.

The locals who live their permanently are supplemented by a cosmopolitan mix of predominantly American and European tourists, many of whom, drawn in by the exotic, yet comfortably familiar getaway, visit there every year.

It is home to most of the Island's restaurants, bars, and stores, and pretty much all visitors to St. Johns spend at least some time there. However, despite being the center of commerce for the Island, it is nearer to being quiet than it is to being busy.

The pace of life there is considerably slower than in a U.S. or European coastal town, and visitors cannot help but be influenced by the vibe, making it easy to forget about work and the pressures of your day to day life.

The restaurants there offer first class fine dining, and you can sample exquisite Caribbean cuisine at any of the many beachfront restaurants. As for bars, there is a quiet buzz about them, which creates a pleasant atmosphere for talking and drinking.

If you fancy a day or two away from the multitude of beautiful, secluded, scenic beaches that are located just 5-20 minutes away from Cruz Bay, then you can visit the spectacular Virgin Islands National Park, hire a jeep to take you on a tour of the Island, or browse the boutique shops that line the backstreets of the town.

Alternatively, you can indulge in some of the wide variety of water sports activities available. Scuba and snorkel tours to offshore reefs are very popular, as are jet skiing and parasailing.

Whatever you want to do with your day, you can be sure that the weather will not be a hindrance to you, as the weather in Cruz Bay ranges is nearly always excellent. - 31819

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St. John : Tourist Information Guide

By Mark Walters

If you are looking for a relaxing time in the U.S. Virgin Islands, and to immerse yourself in true, natural, unspoilt surroundings, then St. John is the stand out choice. With around two-thirds of the Island designated as National Park, it is the most undeveloped and laid back of the large U.S. Virgin Islands. However, that is not to say that it is the 'dull' choice - far from it. There is plenty to do and see there if you are looking to spend a a few days away from one of its many beautiful beaches.

As well as scenic, secluded beaches, you will also find the following...

- Awe-inspiring tropical forests

- Fascinating ecological tours

- Exquisite dining

- Buzzing nightlife

Of special note, and something which is not to be missed, is the Virgin Islands National Park, which offers visitors a special opportunity to enjoy and appreciate the beautiful natural resources of the island. It includes hiking trails and a wonderful range of wildlife, some of which is unique to the Island. The beaches within the National Park, are amongst the best to be found in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Staying in either Cruz Bay or Coral Bay, which are the two main towns on the Island, allows easy access to restaurants and shops. There are plenty of hotels and resorts to choose from, which range from the quaint to the extremely lavish. Making reservations early is always advisable as finding anywhere to stay at the last minute is normally impossible, especially in the peak season.

Lots of visitors to St. John find themselves making repeat visits, as they have been unable to find a destination that gives them everything that the Island of St. John does. If you are still in doubt as to whether it is the right place for you, find some pictures of it. After seeing the beaches and the National Park, you will be left in no doubt that St. John really is the destination of your dreams. - 31819

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What Are All Inclusive Packages?

By Owen Jones

Are you thinking of going on a vacation in the near future? How do you normally go? Do you fly there and then sort yourself out or do you take vacation packages? It is clear that vacation packages are easier and usually cheaper too.

If you go DIY, you will need to book reservations on an airplane or a bus and a hotel and taxis and a car hire company. If you would rather avoid all this, you could book either a vacation package of one of the all inclusive vacation packages.

Although many vacation packages are extremely good, some people decline to use them. This can be for several reasons, but the most common are out of a of feelings of adventure, independence and snobbishness. In fact, most of the people who do not take vacation packages are younger, single people.

Married people with children are the main users of vacation packages and especially all inclusive vacation packages. There is a difference between the two kinds. All inclusive vacation packages are great for families with hungry children. You know, the normal variety, who are always saying: 'Give me a dollar for an ice cream, Dad' or 'I'm hungry, Mum!'.

On an all inclusive vacation package, all of these munchies and three main meals a day and all drinks are incorporated in the cost of the holiday - hence, the name, all inclusive vacation package.

However, there is more to it than that. All inclusives also include on site games and amusements and some others as well. For example, a Caribbean all inclusive vacation package might include the use of snorkels and goggles, but it would rarely stretch to the use of aqualungs or wet suits.

Another benefit of the all inclusive holiday resort is that they often cater for families with young children. They may supply child alarms in the chalets and free entertainment for adult holiday makers in the evening and night too. The resort might also provide baby sitters and a free taxi into town.

All inclusive vacation packages are a very different deal from standard vacation or rental packages. All inclusives are more geared towards families with young children between, say five and fifteen, because children of this age eat a lot, although it is usually junk food, which typically costs a lot on holiday, but is in fact, cheap to produce. The evenings' entertainment is also on site so that parents can be easily reached if there is a problem.

On the other hand a normal vacation package will usually provide breakfast only, so that you can go out for the day and do what you like. - 31819

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Wedding in Dominican Republic - Caribbean Style Wedding

By Jorge Macho

If you have never tried a Caribbean cruise as a vacation then it is time you tried, spending time touring some of the most beautiful islands anywhere. You can have everything you want with a different Caribbean island every day and all the wonderful evening entertainment of a resort on board the cruise liner. While short breaks are available, perhaps over a weekend period, the vast majority of passengers sail for seven days and sometimes in excess of fourteen but depends on how much you are willing to spend.

Sailing is an excellent way to enjoy yourself and this includes a person who just wants to send all day on board enjoying the entertainment to someone who can't wait to explore all the new sights. You can guarantee the cruise liner company will have a package custom made to suit your needs as it is their job to ensure you have the best vacation ever.

Before making the trip, it is wise to find out more, so go to your nearest travel agent to find the right package, but you can also find comments and reviews online. Each Caribbean cruise will visit a certain number of islands on that particular voyage so you must decide if you want to visit certain islands like Jamaica, Bermuda, Bahamas or Antigua for example.

Many cruise vacations cater more for adults and the activities include discos, late night entertainment, casinos and shows with daytime events to challenge those with an excess of energy. Some Caribbean cruise liner companies actually produce virtual tours and other information on DVD's which can be collected from your travel agent or ordered online.

The main difference with this type of vacation is the number of changes of clothing you take with you as there is a greater opportunity to dress for evening functions. Women may want to take two or three evening dresses and men will need a tuxedo, they will probably get to wear it for a number of evenings.

A common mistake is for families to believe that cruise vacations aren't very child friendly which couldn't be further from the truth as most have more activities for children than they do for adults. In actual fact there are specially trained staff to take care of children that can provide entertainment activities throughout the entire day and during the voyage.

But Caribbean cruises can be for adults to and there are those that do not have children on board. Other cruise liner packages are available and have been created for special occasions like weddings, honeymoons and anniversaries.

Your Caribbean cruise will be a vacation of a lifetime as you don't have to do anything but enjoy yourself as everything else is taken care of irrespective if you go on your own, a couple or part of a family group. - 31819

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Fabulous Times On Your Caribbean Cruise Vacation

By Burt Hayden

Sure, just taking a Caribbean cruise is probably enough to guarantee a great vacation. But there are a few things that you can do to make this a trip you will never forget. Here are some tips to help you make your cruise a success.

When preparing for a Caribbean cruise, most people are only thinking about warm weather and sunny beaches. You'll need to think about more than just that while you're packing. Although there is plenty of sunshine and beach to enjoy, there are many other activities to enjoy on your trip. Pack some shorts, some muscle shirts, and a few dresses. However also remember to bring a long a light jacket and at least one warmer outfit.

Even in the sunny Caribbean can have unpredictable weather. A little forethought can keep you from getting caught off guard. Of course, sun block and sun glasses are a must. As are a camera, something to read, and some music.

It's good to keep in mind that health care is at a premium. Certainly this holds true of you're at sea for long periods of time. Always make sure to bring extra medication with you just in case. Also make sure that you've confirmed that any sea sickness drug will not effect your medications.

While a Caribbean cruise may seem like a once in a lifetime opportunity, it is not the time to push yourself beyond your physical limitations. You want to enjoy the whole cruise in good health. While it is good to come prepared, you don't need to pack your entire medicine cabinet. Cover the essentials and you will be fine.

It's important to take into consideration the amount of cash you want to carry with you. Remember that there will be ATMs on the ship and on shore. You want to deter the thieves and pickpockets that exist in any vacation climate. A good rule of thumb is to make sure you have enough cash for shopping and for tipping the staff. If you need more then this is when you can use the ATM machine to acquire more money. The withdrawl fee charged by the machines is significantly less than having your spending money stolen from you.

Make sure that you arrange to have somebody watch you house while you're on your trip. You will be able to better relax on your Caribbean cruise knowing that your pets and home are in good hands. Make sure you choose a person whom you trust. Make sure things run as they usually do. Do not cancel any regular services you usually use. Confirm that people have a way to get in touch with you if they need to reach you in case of emergency.

By following the simple steps, you can make sure that you enjoy your Caribbean cruise. These small tasks will ensure your peace of mind. Keep in mind diverse weather while packing, be cognizant of the amount of cash you carry with you and have your home watched by a trusted person. This is your recipe for the worry free vacation that you so deserve. - 31819

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Golf Resorts In Jamaica

By Falkner Richardson

Whenever you consider exclusive all inclusive holidays in the Caribbean, consider Negril Beach Jamaica! Unwind beneath a gently swaying palm tree, a frozen drink in hand and also the sun kissing your back. Visualize your self in the midst of sunshine without end, cozy and inviting turquoise Caribbean water, gentle sea breezes, and extravagance upon luxury.

Among the world's great beaches is also the scene of some of the most exclusive and luxurious resorts within the Caribbean - winners of Conde Nast Travelers Gold List of Best Places to Stay within the Globe. Possibly you're an active vacationer whose predilection is for sports this kind of as championship PGA golf, tennis, seashore volleyball, scuba diving, snorkeling; for water-skiing, windsurfing, sailing, kayaking - all with expert instruction and top from the line equipment supplied. You can understand how you can sail or windsurf as well as scuba. Or possibly you choose your paradise low-key, just strolling hand in hand around the seashore at sunset; or sunbathing - total body sunbathing - around the pristine white sand seashore and swimming in the altogether in the warm, inviting surf. You can appreciate a manicure and pedicure - all integrated. At night you can call area service to dine within the romantic privacy of your room. Or, it is possible to feast by the ocean by candlelight, choosing from a wide variety of gourmet restaurant experiences, all of which offer their unique delectable specialties - French, Italian, Japanese, or local Jamaican grill. You can top off your desire vacation dancing beneath the stars towards the rhythms of a Reggae band; or you can consider a midnight dip within the sea before retiring to your personal exclusive escape in paradise.

Also included in the a single upfront passionate vacations cost are laundry and dry cleaning; use of the jacuzzi, sauna, steam room, and health and fitness centers; as nicely as health and fitness courses. It is possible to select from the wide selection of massages, facials, manicures, pedicures, and couple massages within the ocean to relax, rejuvenate, and revitalize. Nighttime entertainment is also integrated in the base cost of most plans, which consists of nightly theme parties like insane costume parties, pajama events, talent exhibits and open air galas. No tipping is permitted - there's nothing additional to spend for.

Negril Beach resorts are not only a great adult resorts holiday choice for singles and couples, but they provide terrific wedding offers as well, set as they are against one of probably the most spectacularly beautiful and romantic beachscapes within the globe. Having a minimum 3 nights' honeymoon stay, the wedding is thrown in absolutely free. That consists of marriage license, minister, witnesses, and the help of a professional wedding party planner who can smooth all troubles to make your special day completely unstressful and hassle-free. The fundamental wedding party offers include recorded music, floral arrangements, champagne, specially decorated wedding celebration with wedding cake, even a bouquet and boutonniere! To not mention candlelit supper for the bride and groom and morning-after breakfast in bed.

When considering about passionate vacations in the Caribbean, consider taking one of the all inclusive holidays offers provided by Negril Seashore exclusive and adult resorts. - 31819

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